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Ethiopia Limu Dark

Ethiopia Limu Dark

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Oftentimes, Ethiopian coffee varieties are referred to as 'landraces', because the coffee produced in these smallholder gardens and the surrounding coffee forests have been growing naturally for generations, and many trees have not been genetically tested to determine their varieties. 

Our Ethiopian coffee is produced by the largest and most successful coffee co-operative called OROMIA.  We are carrying this Limu coffee while we wait for shipment of Yrgacheff containers to arrive.

Roast Level: Medium
Grading:  Grade 2
Cupping Profile: citrusy, full bodied, good flavour
Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade
Region: Oromia coop
Altitude: 1550-2200Masl
Cultivar: Arabica, heirloom varieties
Processing: Washed
Screen Size: 15+