Coffee Tree Roastery bag of Colombia Venezia Supreme coffee beans

Colombia Venezia Supremo

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This is a 4th generation coffee farm owned by the Escheverri family. Together with a team of specialists, the family has established superior coffee through sustainable farming methods, which include the creation of social programs designed to impact their employees. Teaching to select for better beans makes for better results. The elements that produce better nuanced coffees always relate back to soil quality and the particular aspect that impacts positively for this coffee is the fertile red volcanic soil it grows in. 

Roast Level: Light
Cupping Profile: Fragrant with a flowery lilac and jasmine scent, medium bodied with an easy finish.
Certifications: UTZ
Region: Manizales, Colombia
Altitude: 1500Masl
Cultivar: Castilla
Processing: Washed
Screen Size: 17+