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Coffee Tree Roastery Bag of Kenya coffee beans

Kenya Estate AA

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Kenya coffee is widely recognized as setting the bar and this coffee, selected at auction, has been expertly processed, cooperatively produced by many small farmers. Always a first class coffee, Kenya AA is delicious as a stand alone coffee, especially black, because it offers great balance and good acidity. Conservation efforts include recirculating the water during processing and responsible disposal in soak pits away from water sources. The pulp is collected by farmers and used as a mulch to improve soil structure and organic matter on their farms.

Roast Level: Medium
Cupping Profile: Bright acidity, medium body, citrus with a hint of blackcurrant.
Certifications: fairly traded
Region: Central farmlands surrounding Mt Kenya
Altitude: 1500-2100Masl
Cultivar: Niery, Kent
Processing: Washed with fermentation, sun-dried on raised beds
Screen Size: 15-16