Coffee Tree Roastery Bag of Burundi Izere coffee beans

Burundi Izere

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Due to increasing transport and other extra fees, the price of this coffee has gone up.

Burundi Izere coffee is our best kept secret and, if you step away from your usual choice, you will discover a fine bodied, classy tasting cup of coffee.  When I asked Deborah, literally the farmer’s daughter here in Canada what image she associated with her coffee she exclaimed, “It would look like every woman, every mother who works in the coffee business picking every single bean to get the greatest coffee, it would look like this beautiful country with God-given hills where trees look like heaven and it would also look like you at the receiving end making people a specialty single origin, micro-lot coffee, putting a smile on each individual seeking joyfully a cup of coffee.  It would look like a way of inspiring hope (Izere) to each other for a better future.

Roast Level: Medium
Cupping Profile: Flowery, good acidity, very sweet, clean, good body. Average cupping score 87 points.
Certifications: Direct Trade
Region: Gashikanwa coop, Gitanga, Ngozi, Burundi
Altitude: 1850Masl
Cultivar: Bourbon
Processing: Fully Washed
Screen Size: 15+