Coffee Tree Roastery Chemex 3 cup Coffeemaker

Chemex Filterdrip Coffeemaker 3-cup

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Chemex’s thick filter brews a very clean cup of coffee.


1. Heat water to boiling and let it sit, approx 30 seconds.   
2. Fold the Chemex filter and insert into the carafe making sure 3-sides face the spout.
3. Douse the filter with hot water to seal the filter and get rid of any paper taste then discard the water.
4. Use one scoop of coarsely ground coffee for one 6oz cup and give the brewer a light shake to settle the grounds.
5. Pour enough water to wet the grounds, allow 45 seconds. This lets the coffee release trapped gases. Watch the grounds expand and bubble, releasing that pleasing aroma we all love.
6. Begin pouring more water in a spiralling pattern and allow the water to filter down.  Allow a further 2 - 2-1/2 minutes. Remove the filter and discard.