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Cuba Caracolillo Peaberry

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Cuban Caracolillo Peaberry are round, pea-shaped beans that grow on the Escambray plateaus in the Crystal Mountains on state-owned cooperatives. The soil, mild climate and frequent rains form an ideal microclimate for growing. The traditional farming methods free from the use of any fertilizers make for an excellent coffee.  You'll notice the low altitude at which the coffee grows which lends itself to a full mouthfeel so indulge in a delicious splash of cream and brown sugar - it will taste wonderful.

Roast Level: Medium
Cupping Profile: Medium acidity, medium to heavy body, intense aroma, easy sweetness with a hint of chocolate
Region: Guantanamo
Altitude: 750Masl
Cultivar: Typica
Processing: Washed with fermentation
Screen Size: Peaberry