Honduras Copan Ruinas


Honduras Copan Ruinas

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Producer - Katia Duke

Farm – Finca San Isidro
Origin – Copan Ruinas, Honduras
Coffee Variety: Obata
Elevation: 1250 – 1400masl
Dry method – solar drying beds - patios
Process - Washed
Cup characteristics: Coffee with pleasant and sweet aroma, creamy, with chocolate base well pronounced, Caramel, sugar cane, sweet honey, citric orange.
Acidity: citric orange (cítrico naranja)
Post taste: sweet and long lasting.
Mill – Finca san Isidro

The story of Cafe Ixchel began in 1975, when Senor Adan Duke began growing Arabica coffee at finca San Isidro, a picturesque farm located in the lush mountains of south Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Thanks to the kindness of the tropics, San Isidro is settled in an excellent high-altitude climate, containing blessed soil conditions. Together with the love and care of the Duke Family, the plantation has allowed us to grow our own premium, fresh-roasted, eco-friendly whole bean coffee. The flavor, richness, and aroma of our coffee are unmatched. In addition to our trees, Finca San Isidro is home to more than 180 plants and wildlife species including; orchids, toucans, hummingbird’s butterflies and many others.

Over the past 5 years, our family farm has transitioned from conventional coffee production to specialty coffee production. The empowerment of women has been fundamental to this transformation. Women are engaged throughout the entire process including hand picking, wet mill processing, quality control, and manual selection of the best beans. Their passion and commitment enables our world-class specialty coffee production. Through the women of San Isidro, we will inspire future generations to love our mother earth and specialty coffee world.