Jamaica Blue Mountain


Jamaica Blue Mountain

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Region: Saint Andrew Parish
Farm: Members of the Jamaican Coffee Farmers Association
Variety: Geisha, Typica and Blue Mountain
Altitude: 1000 masl (meters above sea level)

The Cup: "Mild, sweet and citric with a nutty aftertaste."

From our importer:

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is mainly produced by the Wallenford, Mavis Bank, Moy Hall, and Old Tavern Estates. It is consistently the highest-priced coffee in the world (outside of an auction system). A typical Jamaican farmer will pick his or her own "cherry-berry," and drop them off to these estates for processing and payment. For the 15–20 years that we have been buying Jamaican coffee, we have not been able to work or communicate with the producers or farmers.

In 2014, we met a young Jamaican coffee farmer who is a member of the Jamaican Coffee Farmers Association, a group of about 250 small producers in Jamaica that are trying to band together, process their own coffee, and bypass the big estates' processing services. Since meeting and visiting their farms in Jamaica, Café Imports has prefinanced Arthur and the Jamaican Coffee Farmers Association, so that they can produce and process their own coffee and gain a greater share of the income generated from this coffee.