FRONT PATIO OPEN Extended summer hours Monday to Saturday 7am-5pm, 7pm Wednesdays, Sundays 9am-5pm. FRONT PATIO OPEN

Summer's here and we've extended our hours

Front Patio Now Open!  Take out available.  One person in the store at a time please.
Closed July 1st Canada Day

Monday-Friday 7AM - 5PM
Wednesday 7AM - 7PM
Saturday 7AM - 5PM  Sunday 9AM - 5PM

Locally made light fare, brewed, iced and specialty coffees.  
When you order your beans online you have a larger selection from which to choose. 
It's FAST and FREE to pick up in store.   Local area delivery is also super FAST!




2412 Bloor St West Toronto ON M6S 1P9