Light Roast

Coffee is shipped from origin countries in jute bags that typically weigh 60kg or 69kg; often you'll find another bag inside the jute bag.  Grainpro packaging is a heavy plastic liner which protects the coffee from undue moisture or other elements that might taint the final cup.  Container shipping and Grainpro bags are just two of the ways a grower can help maintain the quality of the coffee en route to its final destination. 
Having received the shipment, we will roast and cup the coffee at our shop.  Roasting the coffee transforms it in three ways. It will change colour, moving from green (unroasted) to its desired colour (roast level).  Secondly, it can grow 2-3 times its original size as it loses water, dries out and cracks open.  Lastly each coffee has a different density (depending on altitude, cultivar) but it always loses mass the darker it is roasted.  
Once internally warmed up and having reached 1st crack (about 420-425F), light roast coffee is often characterized by a mottled colour.  The beans are cracked open and you'll see an off white seam down its middle.  This style of coffee we call a full city roast (not everyone calls it the same thing in our industry) It is a cinnamon brown colour and somewhat sour in flavour.