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Millionaire's Mixture 5lb

Millionaire's Mixture 5lb

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Whole bean only.  Beans are packed in a Kraft recyclable bag, please remove label and tintie and place in blue box.

This has been our signature and #1 selling blend for more than 30 years. When roasting to darker levels, it’s important to coax out the full profile of each bean each step of the way. It’s easy to turn up the heat but a patient Roastmaster can bring out the caramel tones and deep roast flavours that can easily be lost due to scorching at too high a temperature. The extreme pressure inside the bean created by the heat from roasting causes bean expansion. In turn this releases part of the essential oils and caffeine, produces carbonization of their sugars and creates smoky and spicy flavour notes. Great aroma and lingering finish. Intense coffee with a strong character. Aromatic with a delicious sharp bite. Strong and balanced blend with a snappy finish.  

Roast Level: Dark